"Rock bottom became
the solid foundation-
on which I rebuilt my life."


Jocelyn Wright


Hello, Gorgeous! Welcome to my favorite place in the world!!… Well… Not quite! It should be!! I am a brand new Author, a three-year undergrad college student, creative writer, survivor, recovering addict, ex-con, online entrepreneur, and diva!

Whew… That was a lot!

I’ve spent the last few years discovering the world of bloggers, writers, and….. the list is endless. After reading through hundreds of books, blogs, and articles attempting to find my place in such a complex world, I felt it was vital to bring something different in the book world. I needed to write something that set me apart!

The author of Black Butterfly! in stores soon!

In essence, searching through everything made me realize not many were really writing for the REALLY, REALLY, broken ones… I began to wonder if there are any really broken women out there who seek the tools of self-educating.

I decided, what the hell? what do I have to lose? Nothing! But if I can change just one person’s life… Well… then my job is done. To learn more about me you are just a click away… Stay updated and never hesitate to reach out! I am never far away…

Jocelyn Wright



to make you happy


stay humble

Hard work really pays off…

As much as that might sound cliché, I’ve worked hard at changing everything about myself. However, I didn’t have a choice or I was going to fail at life. Above all, failing yourself is the ultimate disappointment. For two years straight I failed at putting this blog together. Much more detrimental than a blog… I failed at life for 17 years! Now that’s a long time! If I can do what it takes to bring order and sense to my life…

So can you. You just have to believe in YOU.


is priceless

Funny how we allow something so precious be taken away from us by others. Being able to enjoy or even have a peace of mind is essential to our lives. If we spend everyday in a constant rut it is likely your life will come completely unmanageable. Who am I to say so?… I spent my entire life in that rut. That was the only way I knew how to live and think… Once I realized it was killing me I had to do something to change it. So can you.


I think new writers are to worried that it all has been said before.

Sure it has, just not by you...

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